It was a good weekend. So much good time with Kelly. We actually stayed up last night till 2 AM talking. I was just so happy to be hanging out with her. I didn’t have Chinese school yesterday so I was with her the entire day. Saturday too for that matter, except for a little break for some wushu. We really were just happy to be together. Sunday we came home from church after doing a little shopping and wound up reading for a few hours in bed. It was nice. No artificial lights, only the sun coming through the window and reflecting off the wall. Kelly eventually fell asleep, but it was nice. After we got going again we wrapped and sorted all the Christmas presents, which slowly transformed into cleaning the house. We scrubbed the kitchen down real good, and were able to pick up the living room after all the crazy present wrapping.

Saturday was fun, not as much fun as Sunday, but still fun. We went and saw The Two Towers. Kelly was a little disappointed a few of the changes, but other than a few complaints about how Tree Beard should have been nicer she loved it. Less than 2 minutes after returning home she was reading the novel again. Before the show I took Kelly to Five guys, that was fun ‘ she had been wanting a good burger for a while.

Actually she has fallen in love with a few restaurants in Alexandria. On Friday I took her to La Piazza, and she loved it. Honestly raved about it. Liked five guys just fine. Peanuts and all. Mmmmm greasy burger.

Well we are picking up Jason at the airport tonight, and then driving down the Richmond for Christmas Eve with my ‘rents. We will head back up here tomorrow night for Christmas Eve. Kelly’s parents will stop in for Christmas breakfast just before they ship her father off to TX. I am actually looking forward to that meal. Kelly is going all out.