Well Christmas was a success. We went to Richmond for dinner at grandma’s and came up that night for a late night present exchange with me and the wife. The next morning Kelly’s parents came by for brunch.

I guess it was a little more exciting than that.

Kelly and I picked up Jason at the airport as he was returning form Costa Rica. Didn’t see any monkeys. But he was happy to find out that his woman was happy to see him. This is good. He told her that if she didn’t go live in India that he would marry her. I hope she comes back for him. Then she can marry him and move off to china (instead of India) for a missionary life style ‘ and Kelly and I can go with them. Heh. We went down to Richmond that night after getting Jason at Dulles around 10 pm. Didn’t get to my ‘rents house till around 1 am. Not too bad since Jason lives on south side.

It was raining in Richmond when we were leaving, but there was a 20 band of freezing rain around Fredericksburg and snow up in DC. Drive didn’t take that long but it was rather stressful. Kelly’s parents were able to come in the next morning with out incident ‘ however there were a number of cars forcibly parked against the jersey walls. Rich flew out to Texas that afternoon and the rest of us we and saw Catch Me if You Can. Good movie.

My parents did good for Kelly for Christmas ‘ got her a bread maker. Kitchen appliances are always a good thing for her. However she is starting to feel like her kitchen is too small for all her stuff. We still have some empty cabinet spaces but it is filling up for sure. I got a bunch of soft presents. So much clothing, Kelly’s parents went all out and got me a whopping $250 gift certificate for Jos. A. Banks. Dress clothes. Hrmrmm. That could have been an iPod! But I guess I would rather not pay for the dress clothes that I will have to buy anyway. Wrinkle free slacks are good for me.

My Jaw is finally getting better. I defiantly still have muscle problems. If I push on the inside of my cheek where the muscle attaches to the lower jaw I can feel a good amount of tension on the right side. However I am trying to wait more than 12 hours between taking my drugs. I still have plenty of Narflex (muscle relaxers) but I am down to my last 2 Lodine. That’s the good stuff, and I don’t’ wanna take it unless I have to ‘ so I am kinda saving it. Even though the directions say take every 12 hours until finished. So one every 24 hours shouldn’t be that much different, right?

Jeannie got her wisdom teeth removed and only took 2 ibuprofen. That dork. This has been hell for me ‘ but at least I can go back to wushu… Oh, Jeannie gave me a Play Station game ’ the same one she gave me last year. I had it then too. I exchanged it at best buy for Vice City. So I am happy. I just don’t’ have the heart to tell her.

Kelly is at home today. I wanna go hang out with her. These last few days have been nothing but time together, and I am getting spoiled.

Conclusion: Gotta take Kelly to china with me. Weather she likes it or not ‘ I will have more fun if she comes along.