Did I ever say that my sister discovered that she is pregnant? Well they thought it was twins at first. ‘They’ being Mat and Laura ‘ not a trained medical person that had any right to make such a claim. They also based that thought on sheer speculation and one lady who thought that God was prophesying through her when she touched Laura. But Laura went into the Doctor and the years of med school says that Laura is only having one baby. This is good. I think they will be better off with only one more. I think 2 kids is ideal for them. For us too, for that matter. Kelly and I have talked about it a number of times and I think we are pretty settled on 2 kids. Now, if we can only arrange it so we have a boy first and a girl second. I know if we adopt that will make three ’ details. Pfftt.

We talked to Tina and Qiu Dong last night for quite a while. Qiu Dong wanted me to put off my trip to china for a month because he was having a friend (James) who is going. I am worried about them, need to pray for them more, not for an specific reason, but I do want to see them succeed. It seems that living with her parents is really hard on him. Tina seems to question his desire to spend time with her. Poor girl. It has to be really hard to be in the situation that they are in. I am pretty sure they have not told her parents that they are legally bound, but I don’t even know if her ‘rents know they are a couple. Plus QDX wants to prove to them that he can take care of Tina, and getting a job now is hard ’ even for those college educated English speaking people; much less a Wushu Athlete with sketchy English. However, he is getting better ‘ we talked for at least an hour yesterday and didn’t have much trouble talking at all.

Don’t think we are going to do much for new years this time around. Kelly has a co-worker that is having a party we may go to ‘ but she said I could round up the wushu peeps. I may give people a call this afternoon to see if they are down with that. We’ll see. Maybe we can do something on new years day instead’

Training has been going pretty well, my hamies have been a little delicate recently ‘ I pulled my left leg during basics on Saturday. Right at the beginning ’ during Punch-Kick drills. I didn’t do any more left leg stuff that entire class. Which really sucked because I was all psyched up for tornado splits. The serious conditioning for my hamstrings starts today. Gonna hit them and my lower legs harder and more consistently ‘ gotta get ready for China.

Wisdom Hole Update: Got big gaping hole in 3 of the 4 places. The bottom right one is CRAZY cold sensitive. The other ones are just annoying when food gets stuck down in there. I hope this is normal and will go away. Muscle pain is pretty much gone, which is good because the meds are completely gone.

New years resolution? Eat better (trite, ain’t it). Train more. Pray more.