April 11, 2002

Well, I really wanna get back to writing more history before it drifts from my head forever, but I also need to sit down and outline stuff a little bit before I can do that. So many projects I want to get accomplished, why can’t I get paid for my pet projects I just don’t know. Hmmm, lets list them out.

-Writing the Chris Documentation Project
-My Movies (Peking Duck Productions)

-Quality Action Movie -- something with preplanning and real pratice
-Re-editing all the old ones into a good format
-Making a DVD of all the old stuff
-Learning the software to make the stuff (Final Cut Pro 3 and After Effects 5.5)
-Making bumpers/logos/ect for Peking Duck and Fuzzy Monk

-Webpage stuff

-update Fuzzymonk
-MAke some content for Peking Duck

-Praticing Wushu
-Praticing Acrobatics
-Making My Wife Happy

-She gets "wampthy" way too easy (plus it is crazy easy for me to fix if I am just paying attn to her)

-Time with God

Hmmm, I guess the list is not as long as I thought (and in no specific order). I guess a large part of it is making them silly movies. I don’t know exactly why I want to put so much effort into them, I know there are much easier ways to impress people. So it can’t be just an ego thing. I think it has to do with the fact that I think I am good at such a variaty of things, and making movies requires me to use just about every thing I know how to do — Martial arts to Photoediting, Camera Angles to doing a backflip. It’s all in there. Technical Computer stuff. Martial Arts and Acrobatics. Photolayout and graphic design. So many dimentions to it and I think I can be good at all of them. I don’t think I am being egotistical about it, but I do want to make quality good art that I can be proud of.

I guess I have always been like this. I was always much more interested in creating than competing. Well, I guess I think of creating as competing — I want to build things and design stuff. I always enjoyed that sorta thing more than I did the team sports type activities. Maybe it is because it is a more internal challenge to see what you can make your self do. I mean it is cheezy an dcan be applied to all that other stuff, but that is kinda how I view it.

I was always into the activities that take a good deal a patience. I mean when I was young (and well into the not so young stages) my favorite activity was building with legos. I would easily do it for hours upong hours. Legos were unique, they did not need anyone else there to help you, you can just toil away and build better and better stuff. You just had to think it up, you coulnt mess up, you just might have to go back a few steps. If you stuck to it long enough and just put in the effot you would create the coolest stuff.

Well, I would watch those specials on Discovery about college students building robots or race cars and thought how cool those projects were. I even longed to build that drop-a-raw-egg-protector-box thing that I saw kids doing in highschool. Man, I wanted to do that stuff.

Growing up I would translate my desire to create into a number of things. Drawing. I loved to do it, but never thought my stuff was very good. People would always tell me that they liked what I drew. I even remember people asking me if I was going to go work for disney. They only said that becase there was another kid in my school who actually drew for disney, and I was no where close to as good as he was. I could only draw a few things that I had learned the tricks to, he could draw anything.

Building. I loved to build stuff, not very complicated things but what ever I could. I would learn the “trick” to makign somthing and I would use that trick anywhere I could. Like lashing — the tought us how to lash sticks together in scouts. I was then able to steal some twine fomr the garage and made a few tree forts way up in the air. I was lucky that they never collapsed. But I mean when I think back on them they were huge. I guess I am glad I can’t see them today, it would prolly be dissapointing. I mean I would try to build other things by hand, either out of wood or wath ever I could find, normally I would just kinda have to improvise to make what it was I wanted. Rarely would it come out to be useful.

When I think about it the transistion to using computers and cameras was natural. Just about all of the elements I liked in my previous activities would translate into the new medium. The only thing that didnt was the Martial Arts. Thank God, at least this way it kept me away from the computer. But the drawing on a computer was natural, I just had to sit down and learn how to do it. I originally would work on a pixel by pixel basis on Paint. I remember making a tileing background that everett would not beleave I made. it was of a Guitar and Keyboard and had wires that would attach from tile to tile. And up I went to drawing in photoshop long before you were suposed to draw in it. and eventually graduated to the more advanced Vector drawing apps, but that transistion did not really occur until after college. I remember drawing black lines with a Sharpie on white paper then scanning it in so I could have the line I wanted in photoshop. Heh, it was such a hack.

But going back to my martal arts. I remember when the Ninja craze hit: I wanted to be a ninja so bad. I wanted to be the karate kid. American Ninja was so cool. The other things that really intrested me was acrobatics. I remember trying to lean jump rolls and spinning kicks before I started taking Martial Arts. I also remember being imbarrased by my inablity to control my body.

I remember one time in California — before I started taking Tang Soo Do — The kid next door to me asked if I could show him a “round house” kick. I told him I can’t unless I have a target, so he told me to kick one of the bushes in front of my house. So I jumped up and did some sorta weird spinning back kick (which is what i thought I round house was) and it was horrable. I am pretty sure the other kids laughed and told me it was “not bad” in a mocking tone. Ugh. I wanted to be cool like the Kickboxer.

If we went to someone house that had a trampolene I would refuse to eat or play or anything so I could jump on it the entire time. I was getting soem cool stunts like a front flip and some sorta butt to knees to back tricks I just sorta made up. I didnt know what to do once I could land a front flip. I mean, had been doing front flips onto the couch cusions ever sence we lived in Alaska. Back flips were way out of my league. They were like the holy grail of tricks. Across the street and around the corner in Cali lived a kid named Jim. Jim had a trampolene. I remember talkign about back flips with him and to us they seemed impossable. He would tell this story about how his sister once tried one, and she flew way off the tramp and landed on the fence. Almost died of course and it was all sorts of scary. Eventually my family got a trampolene, such a happy day. I didnt beg for it or anything, I mean it had been years sence I had even jumped, and one day when I was in highschool my mom brought it home. Everett, my sisters, my parents and I set it up right away. I eventually got a back flip on it, however it was kinda strange, I built up to it by kinda going backwards at an angle. I just sorta worked my way over. It was not a clean backflip, but it was a back flip. I was happy with that, sorta.

When we moved to Cali I switched to Tae Kwon Do, a martial art I was told had lots of high flashy kicks. Well that was fine by me. I learned every one I could. If it was taught I wanted to know how to do it. I praticed every thing over and over. I got pretty good at that stuff, but I had run out of tricks to learn there. I would have to wait for college to learn real acobatics and tricks.

Beleave it or not all that also factored into the desire to make movies. I loved martial arts, and the part that was my favorite was the big flashy moves. No everyone could do those. Sometime I would go places and be the best at the flashy stuff. I was not very often the best at something, and now I had started to figure out my niche. The best thing about doing flashy stuff on flim is you don’t have to get it right the first time. You had “undos” — I would eventually get it, I just need a few takes to get the one I want. That was like adding a -z into martial arts. Stinking amazing. You know when I would put on shows for my parents in the basement of our house in Alaska, and I would mes up a flip of a spin I would yell “hold on hold on, lemme try agian, I’ll get it.” But now I can do that and the audience will never know. To me that is great.

I know I can do it good. I just need to time to and effort to make it that way. If I am able to create what I want, I can teach others how to do it. If I am not able to make the quality stuff then I don’t have any place in teaching others. No matter how much “head knowledge” I have. I need to prove it to myself in pratice. I know this may not be all that valid, but it is improtant to me.

I know I will be on the right path when I can make a short action movie that makes people say “whoa, I need to watch that again”

Hmmmm, don’t know if I should delete that las paragraph or not. Dosent quite fit, and may not be accurate. But for now it will stay.