Tuesday, August 13, 2002

It’s been a while again. Figured I otta let you know what i going on. It is official I have left USWA, I now go to O-Mei. It is better. Randomly awkward when I am hanging around or talking to old friends there — But most of them support my choice and I get to see them pretty often. I am not worried about loosing contact with Glenn or Sean or Paulanie. Peter worries me a bit, perhaps when the school year starts he will chat online with me again. But right now I am getting very little feed back. He is actually being very friendly, but only in extremely short bursts. Then he seems to go away, normally to wait on Zhang gui Feng or Chris Pei. This last weekend was capitol classics (QDX and Tina where here, YAY!) and he made a good showing there as a Judge (dressed up in a suit just like Pei would have him be), when we wasnt doing that he was waiting on Zhang hand in foot. Numrous “Coach’s Bitch” comments. It reallys sucks to see one of my best friends slipping away from me. I even told him it was gonna happen. Sigh.

A funny twist seems be be occuring with Suzie. From the sound of it she is pretty much quitting her job as Zhang’s Bitch. She told the coaches that she does not want to teach anymore. That’ll get her kicked out of the circle pretty quick — from the roumors I have heard she has not even shown up to class for about a month. I didnt see that coming. Plus at dinner the final day Kelly and I went to USWA suzie was being all nice. That was cool.

With the Capitol Classics in town we also had QDX show up here. It was great, Kelly and I ran to the airport and stole them away for the first night which was wonderful fun. Plus we hung out with them for pretty much the entire weekend. Philip had to go pay dues during dinner on saterday because QDX, Me and Sarah were not about to go eat with her — but he kinda had to go. I was so much happier to eat with them. They are people I could offend but apologize and they would let me back.

I was able to take a seminar taht QDX tought. He was trying to get me to not take it, thinking it was a waste of money for me — but I got it. I mostly wanted to take it so I could support him and help him out. And once he finished making fun of me for learning sword he actually tought me alot. Sarah was on had to help with a few of the details. She is the one that is actually teaching me sword at OMei. Kinda cool, actually, she has great flavor and I think I am learning it pretty fast. Still it feels amazingly awkward — that 2 finger thing you do with the empty hand really seems retarted when I am doing it. Guess it always looked cool for other people so I won’t worry too much. Lu Xiao Ling (the OMei head coach) has also been a help, even offered to work with me before class if I show up early. I am planning on showing up early today.

Sean and I have been hanging around each other more these days. This is a direct result of our mutual intrest in Go. I love that game. I found out is it considered a martial art in most of asia and I was sold. I always liked chess, but always really sucked at it. This game is like chess backwards, you dont’ win by killing the king, but you gotta get as much lad as possable — it starts out all simple and gets complicated. Unlike chess that is the other way around. Plus with the Hikaru Go Go Manga I have been reading I am all sorts of sold on it. We are planning on going to a Go club — well, a weiqi club this sunday to check things out. The one we found is nice because it is at a chinese binlingual institute. So we will also get plenty of chinese pratice. YAY! I also play online when I get a chance to — unfortunally it also tends to take away from my video editing time. I really got to get Transfer Complete, um…complete.

Everett came up a couple of weeks ago and se spent the entire saterday making music for that movie. Now I am gonna finish the music on my own and do all the sound effects. So many people want it done yesterday, so few people are willing to do the work to help get it done. Thank God I was able to learn the stuff everett was doing. He is pretty good at that acid program, but I think i got a handle on it for the time being. Sound effects take so long to put in — but I know I can do it well if I put the time into it. Just gotta find the time.

Well, I really havnt done much for the past 2 days here so I otta go do work stuff. the last few weeks I had been cranking out quite a bit of work, but now there is a lul and I lack motivation to do actual work work. I wish I could pratice wushu/go/film stuff here instead….aiya. Stupid work, it takes up so much time. Why can’t my projects be my work instead and then I would be able to do them better and have more time.