November 6, 2002.

Man, I get sick WAY to often. This is really annoying. I have been coughing up some of the nastyest dark yellow opaque bitter flem you have ever seen. On my drive in today I swear I snorted somthing into my mouth that was the size of a golfball. Of course it wasnt, but it was at least that nasty. I miss working out. Lastnight I missed sword class and gymnastics. Tuesdays are normally the most fun, sword class is pretty easy physically sence I still don’t know the form and gymnastics is just a flipping good time. You know I really think sword is the easiest form to do physically. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do it and make it look good, but it dosent wear me out like the other forms. Or I am not good enought at it yet to wear my self out. Either way it makes for a fun class.

I am seriously debating exporting this journal out to a blog. xanga.com has a nice interface, but I worry about puttint it all up there. What if they sell off their content or it just up and goes away. I think I will stick to this format for a while. Not as nice of an interface but it is nice to have it backed up in a few places for safe keeping. Work, home and the Apple iDisk. That is pretty safe I think.

Not too much going on. I am iching to go workout. I really wanna train wushu and get better. I must get the roundoff-backhandspring(s)-backtuck thing down. I want it so bad I can taste it. Must do a full twist. Must have a good sword form. These things seem so far off but I am determined to get them.

I keep telling kelly I want to go on an adventure. I don’t think she knows exactly what I mean. Mostly I would like to move to china for a year or so. I don’t know exactly what I would do, probably teach english to the locals. If I could do that and study wushu while I was there it would be wonderful. Unfortunally I don’t know how the wushu school thing works in china. I know the best wushu comes from the local teams, but I dont’ think I would be earning the money needed to pay for lessons with them. I dont know, maybe I would. Perhaps I could just go find some old master and he would hook me up. I think I would prefer to go to Beijing and study at BUPE, but I dont beleave I can convince my wife that it is worth 2 years of our life for me to go get a degree in wushu from there. However, I think I could come back to the states and open a school right away after that. Man, this is one of those topics that you think about and really want, but don’t ever want to talk about because you are scared they will get shot down. I get nervous thinking about it. As if thinking about it will get me committed to the idea only to have it shot down fast.

Other than studying wushu, I really have a strong desire to speak chinese. It is another one of those things that just is overwhelming these days. If I wasnt married I would go to china once my lease is up. But I am married, and would not have it anyother way. I find it all so very intreguing. From their philosophy to architecture to martial arts. It’s wierd how the chinese teachings inforce the same principals as the Word of God. So many similarities.

Well, I guess taking my trip to china in febuary, when it is cold and no one likes to visit will be good. I need to go and see what it is like, and this way I will get to see it at it’s worst. If I still want to go for longer after that I will have more information at my disposal.

Aiya, I got distracetd there for a while. Now it is time to go home.