Well, looks like I finally got this blog set up and working. I am gonna use it full time for a while and see how I like it. if things go well I can just abandon the text file I keep in my iDisk.

This weekend was very productive actually. We went to Raleigh. Drug Sean along, he used to live down there and wanted to go hang out in the bike shop he used to work for. We wound up staying with gerald. Met up with Johnny and Sarah for lunch on saterday, even got to meet Ethen. Hung out with brandon saterday night.

It seemed like Sean was getting sicker as the weekend passed, I hope we didn’t give him the viral thing we had. That would really suck. But he was a great traveling companion, good conversationalist. Plus we got to talk about china and all sorts of great things.

Johnny and Sara seemed good — ethan was great. We gook them to El Rodeo and fed Ethan a chip — he promptly threw up all over the place. it was great fun. So nice to see johnny and sara again, we dont’ see them nearly enough. Both kelly and I would like to get closer to them as friends. we wish we would have hung out with them in school more.

Gerald seemed good, his house was nice — still pretty empty, but starting to fill out. Kelly and I were jelous of it as usual. Such the perfict size for a young couple.

We went to dinner at a nice brewery type place, pretty upscale. Had good old fashoned N.C. style pulled pork. Later we went back to Brandon’s place and surfed the web and watched downloaded movie on his wall projection TV. That was fun. Watched a few Peking Duck movies that were life sized.

The drive back sucked. It was raining pretty hard and was very dark. PRetty stressful and long. Stoped in richmond to say hi to my parents, and showed sean all the pets. He seemed to love all the old bikes my parents had. Plus I really needed the break in driving.