I took Kelly out nice last night. And by nice I mean Arbys! Actually she said she would have a meeting until 6. So I told her that I wanted to come and save her. Making sure to be there well before 6, I woud up getting there about 5:40 or so. I had planed to stop and get gas, but I pulled up to the pump at the gas king and found out that they didn’t take credit card at the pump. Pshhhh, I aint gonna walk all the way inside just to pay for my gas. Anyway, I just kept on rolling and went to wait for kelly. About quarter till 6 she calls me and asks where I am. Apperently I left AIM running at the office so she thought I hadnt left yet. Oops. She came down and I wisked her off to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. A pretty good movie, but now I really wanna see Two Towers.

After the movie we came home and I caught the last part of “Ali” on HBO. Man, everytime I watch a boxing movie I really wanna start running in the morning. So when the morning came around — and it was one of those days I kelly gets up crazy early to go to Richmond — I hit snooze until 8:20 or so. Damn. My problem is I felt all extra rested once it was 8:30. I don’t think I would have been so anti-sleepy if I would have jumped up at 7:30 and ran around. I seriously think that it will help my shin splints though. Not to mention everything else. Road work is crutial, stronger legs, stronger bones, better fitness level over all. I gotta get some will power together. And get a good hand stand. But that is an entirely diffrent rant.

I was thinking I would wake up and go running, then hit early sword class, take a short hour break and take advanced sword class, only to sneak out in time to make it to gymnastics. I don’t know if I am gonna push for both wushu classes tonight. Sword classes are not too hard on my body, so I think I might. I know I will be skipping tomorrow night’s Chang Quan class for Tom’s student movie premiere. However I intend on going friday and saterday. At least Saterday.

Quick rant: I gotta lift more. aiya.

I was able to hammer out some tricky parcing stuff at work by using java’s lang.Strong.replace and .replaceAll functions. Those little functions were gonna cost me some real time if I would have done it the full out parce proper way. We will see if it holds up. I think Kim is happier with me now, I hadn’t talked to anyone here for a while, jsut would sit down and do my stuff. Or not do my stuff, and do my other own personal stuff — I need to interact more. When I am talking with people like kim and kevin they seem to be happier with me.

Hmmm, now that I think about it maybe I shouldn’t bother talking about work here, I would rather come back to this and read about adventures with kelly and fun with training. Yeah, that’s a better idea.