Stupid Shins. Man they are really getting painful again. I don’t think they are as bad as they used to be, but it don’t feel too happy. I am pushing some of that jump training stuff I used to do for conditioning. I did a bunch of front tucks in gymnastics last night. Then Kyle and I got into a front tuck over stuff contest. Which he schooled me on. Plus that was really hurting my shins. Still didn’t tack on the back tuck after the round off back handspring. I know I could do it, but I must get more consistent at the back handspring

I wanted to go to both wushu classes last night, but wound up missing the first one because I lost track of time here at work and didn’t get out soon enough to get there. But I went to the advanced sword class ‘ I am feeling better about my sword form now, but I can really feel the parts I suck at. Getting to the point that I need to get video of me doing the form to see what I can fix.

Over all it was a pretty productive night. No major gains, and I need to keep those coming if I am gonna get ready for my audition with cirque.

Important goals before cirque:
-Get round off back handspring back tuck
-Get Multi back handsprings
-Get butterfly – butterfly twist
-Get Butterfly twist with staff
-Get Butterfly twist split
-Get Tornado split
-Clean up my forms, learn to explode better.

I feel the explosion stuff happening in a few places, I need to copy that and run with it. The more I learn to relax the better it is getting. This is why I think sword is so helpful for my wushu right now.

Bryan Tangren seem to be interested in taking some Capoeira classes. That would be fun. Good for the dance part of the Audition.

In conclusion: Watch good people more, see how they do it. And do that.