We went to go see the screening of Tom’s Student film last night. ‘False Ascendants’ or something like that. It was shown at a little student film get together put on by a ‘Fire wire’ work shop at his school It was pretty cool. I thought the movie was the best on there. There were only two other shorts made for the workshop, and we were forced to sit through a number of class projects that went on forever. Some documentaries about olden printing or yore. Ugh.

Seeing tom’s movie was fun, and it was double fun seeing everyone again. The big surprise was when Suzie showed. She actually wound up sitting next to me ‘ apparently she has up and quit wushu for now and has taken up bass guitar. So we talked about that for a while. It was nice to see her again, esp. because she was not mad or bitter at me anymore. That was a good to know. Let’s see, we had Greg and his girl, Paulo, Glen, Adrian, Trish, and a smattering of peeps I didn’t know.

Kung Fu Action in his movie was pretty good. It was about on the same level as our older stuff. Cameron and Adrian were in it ‘ and some other acrobatic kid with strange hair. Makes me really wanna get going on some film stuff. Got to finish this DVD first. So much work to be done on that. I will start to reedit remote this weekend, then I would like to make the time lapse short of my commute to work. THEN if I have time I will do a bloopers from all of PDP stuff. I don’t think I will bother with any sorta directors commentary or the like.

OK, my shins are tender, but not so bad. Now my thighs hurt. Heh. If it is not one thing it is another. This is all because of the frog jumps Lu Jiao Lin had us do at the end of Tuesdays sword class. You know what this tells me? Do more frog jumps. I think I will make it to staff class and gymnastics despite how hard it is to walk right now.

I swear I haven’t seen Kelly all week. I think she thinks so too, because earlier she said ‘i don’t think i’ve see n you this week!’. I feel bad about running off to wushu and the gym, but at least she has plans to go to the gym and go get passport photos taken. So at least she won’t be sitting at home all sad. I am thinking I will skip class on Friday so I can hang with her, and just hit up Saturday class extra hard. Sounds like a plan.