I had the strangest dream last night. I remember Kelly and I got stranded some tropical place, like an island. We were running around for some reason, and we happened upon Master Phuong and Yatski. They had their own private lagoon, so they invited us to go swimming. Very strange. But it gets even stranger, some how we were able to escape that and I would up being on the VT football team. Not like I was suddenly a good football player or anything, but rather I was just like I am now, but I got to play a nationally televised game for some reason or another. The main detail I remember is that they had these strange yellow white and red uniforms, and they put ‘Anderson’ on the back of mine. I remember some pre-game practice where I was all nervous about catching the ball ‘ be cause the QB would throw it so hard. There was some happenings during the game, they wanted to make me a wide receiver ’ but I really wanted to try to tackle some one. From what I can remember I was able to run the ball but just missed the touch down. I was just happy I didn’t fumble the ball. After the game we went back to the locker room and complained about the jersey having the wrong name on it. ANYWAY’

Last night I didn’t make it to gymnastics, wushu ran late. There is a girl there form Brazil. She actually has a job for the government teaching wushu. She said that she currently goes to college, but after she graduates wants to open her own wushu school. Very cool. Needless to say she is pretty dang good. I think she has been at O-Mei practicing all day all week for the past two weeks. After class she thought us some Capoeira. I think She as inspired by Jason’s double leg. I was sorta discouraged by it. I want a good double leg, especially after he did one over me.