Went to gymnastics and wushu yesterday dispite not fully healing from the pulled hamstrings. I don’t feel to bad today. My quads are a little sore from the frog jumps we did in wushu, but over all I feel pretty good. Shins are same painful shins. Aiya.

Well I found out from My Gymnastics Coach Carlos that the owner of Capital wants to get rid of the floor sooner than I thought. So we have rallied the troops and are gonna try to buy it quickly if we are gonna be able to pull it off at all. I found out form Emily last night that Sarah’s Dad was very interested in it. So once I was able to track down his email (sarah was grumpy when we was doing homework, sheesh) I sent him the details. You know, $2200, needs to be gone by this weekend.

Well he called me back this morning, and he is getting Mr. Ma on our side. Hopefully they will have a better chance of convincing Lu Xiao Ling to go for it ‘ we are all offering to jump in and help pay for it. But it is still two grand. I found out that the last carpet that they had, Mr. Ma and a buddy of his (Mr. Gee) just bought it out right when they made their last move. Damn. They couldn’t find any other people to help out with the cost.

I hope I won’t have this kinda issues when I have my own school. I plan on buying a gymnastics floor to start off with. Or at least a cheerleading roll out floor. And move up to a suspended foam block one quickly. Aside form mirrors, I can’t think of any other major costs I would have to front then. Hmmm, I will have to hit up the plans for my school with this stuff.

Kelly took today off and is doing laundry and cleaning up the house to get ready for us to leave for the rest of the week ‘ for thanksgiving in Richmond. Hopefully I won’t be needed to be around for helping with this floor situation. But I am all sorts of ready to go see family. Hopefully my parents will behave and get their fill of us for a while. I will be great to hang out with Aimee and my sisters for once. And JACOB! I am sure he is all big and whatnot. I gotta go teach him who I am’that cool uncle!