Lars is kinda grumpy

Me: Lars is kinda grumpy today.
Leah: I dont’ think he feels well.
Me: Yeah, that can do it.
Leah: Laurence sounds like the TARDIS he is so congested.

Lars came up with a new dinner game

We like to play games at dinner, things like Popcorn Questions or Twenty Questions. Last night Lars came up with a new one:

“Name things that are at District Taco.”

I was good at this game. Tacos. Chips. Osiris. Salsa. Chairs. Pineapple.

Observations of a 8 Year Old

Leah: “Daddy, you drink dead things”
Me: “What!? How do you mean?”
Leah: “Well coffee beans were alive, it is from a tree. And you ground it up and made drink. You drink dead things”
Me: “…”
Lars: “Ninja Vanish!!!”